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Refund Policy



  1. Royal Matrimony does not provide any refunds whatsoever to any registered user, save as otherwise provided in the Refund Policy.
  2. The user is requested to read the following terms and conditions carefully. By registering here, you have read the Terms of Use and agree to our refund policy. 
  3. The registered members are not permitted for any refund after making a payment in full and later asking for a discount/promotion offer.
  4. We do not allow multiple registrations by one user. While registration we record user's IP Address and do not allow you to cancel the registration to get future cheaper deals, as and when available.
  5. We reserve the right to ban the account, following such reasons.
  6. Royal Matrimony does not provide refund for the unused services on the website, if a user does not wish to continue further. Members who wish to cancel their subscription are not permitted to seek a partial or full refund for any reason.
  7. The details of all monthly subscriptions and re-bill are provided and made clearly visible to you on the website. After the initial purchase, if you do not wish to continue the membership further and/or re-bill, you are advised to cancel your membership prior to the scheduled re-bill date. If your membership is not cancelled before then, it shall be construed as renewal of the membership and in that case, Royal Matrimony reserves the right not to provide refund payments made to us due to alleged inaction(s) on your part.

Please read the following rules carefully, which if not followed, will result in a temporary or permanent suspension of your account from the Royal Matrimony site without Refund:

  1. Anyone found to be using the Royal Matrimony website under the age of 18 and declared incompetent by any provision of law will be banned immediately without refund.
  2. You have registered as a member of Royal Matrimony solely to find a spouse OR you are a parent who has registered on behalf of their child with their permission. You may not assign or otherwise transfer your account to any other person or entity. Companies are strictly prohibited from registering/using the website.
  3. You acknowledge that the Royal Matrimony is a platform for match-making and you do not use it for casual dating or calling or promotional purposes.
  4. You commit to keep all information provided to you by other members or the website or app of Royal Matrimony private and confidential and not share or sell it to a third party or will not use it for off-site conversations. This may include personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, and financial information.
  5. You acknowledge to not request or send money or any other form of financial assistance or will not organize and participate in any funds transfer or any asset transfer arrangement by any member you meet on this site. Any attempt to do so may result in your details being shared with legal teams, lawyers, the Police, or any other Government or legal bodies for an investigation.
  6. You will not load or distribute any virus or software which may harm the site or any of its users.
  7. You will not post in your profile or communicate through any conversations vulgar material, pictures or content of defaming any religion or community, material promoting harmful or criminal thoughts, intent or action, any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise, racism, bigotry, violence, invasion of privacy, suggesting, engaging in or enticing other to commit any illegal or immoral acts. Such actions can be followed up and prosecuted as necessary.
  8. Any kind of misbehavior with the staff of Royal Matrimony will not be tolerated and will result in permanent ban of the account without refund.
  9. Profiles are approved within 24 hours and in case of any suspicious or fraudulent one, will be rejected immediately with a permanent ban and no refund.
  10. You acknowledge to provide factual information about yourself which is a true and accurate representation of yourself, failing to this will result in permanent suspension of your account without refund.
  11. It is your responsibility to communicate with members in a polite, respectful manner. Rude, offensive, filthy, disgusting or vulgar messages or any other inappropriate messages will result in a permanent ban without refund.
  12. We do not refund or cancel any membership fee. Membership expires as soon as the profile is deleted or terminated, and cannot be reactivated. Only in a situation where the user upgrades to a higher package, then the service provider may decide to adjust the money for unused month(s). No refund will be made if user upgrades in the last month of the membership plan.

Royal Matrimony will provide the refund within working days if payment is made in Indian currency. In the case of an international credit/debit card, the Payment Gateway will convert it to the equivalent amount in your local currency at the time of refund. The currency conversion rate at the time of the refund will be applicable here. In addition, banks and issuing authorities may deduct some additional fees which Service providers will not be responsible for.

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