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Privacy and confidentiality features and tools at

At, we believe it is very important to protect the privacy of our registered users. For this reason, our core features are designed to protect your privacy. It also has sophisticated tools that allow you to personalize your privacy and privacy levels.

A. Universal Confidentiality features

Profile design our profile format is designed so that people cannot identify you if you don't want to. Therefore, the information collected is general in terms of age, height, gender, caste, ethnicity, occupation, location, family profile, interests, desired partner profile, etc. Information that helps to arouse interest among eligible potential life partners who normally do not identify you as an individual. Uploading phot is optional.

B. Protect your confidentiality

At, we understand that different people have different privacy and privacy needs. Therefore, for this reason, we provide registrants with tools to customize the level of privacy protection of their profiles, photos, and contacts. Some of the following settings: For profile, allow all visitors to see your detailed profile, or only registered users who have passed the filter can see a detailed profile. Do not show your detailed summary profile to anyone. I'llsearch your profile and link you.


Profile visibility settings are available in the Settings section, accessible from the header and footer of any page after login. We recommend choosing the first privacy setting as it provides a maximum response. Often, our site is viewable in a normal browser - suitable people or friends with high qualifications and friends and prospective grooms or relatives of the groom - so this important group of visitors can view your profile. Of course, if you want a higher level of privacy and confidentiality, you can choose the second option. And if you want the highest level of privacy,you can choose the third option.


In the first two profile display options, the summary profile is visible to all visitors. Username, age, height, caste, occupation, city, and date of the update are displayed. Usually, these are details that do not identify you. In the second case, unregistered users are prompted to register, and after checking that they have passed the filter, they can view a detailed profile of the user. And in the third case, no one can see your summary or detailed profile. However, we recommend that you choose the the second option as the third option can minimize the number of responses you can receive from your profile.


For photography Ifyou want to upload a picture with your profile, you have the following options: I want my photos to be visible to all members. I want my photos to be visible only to the members I communicate with and the members I accept. This way, you can set the privacy level of your photos that suits you best. However, we recommend uploading a photo and choosing your first privacy setting as it can provide the most relevant answer. Photo privacy settings are available in the My Photos section of your My Profile page. This page can be accessed after registering your profile.

ContactWhen you log in to profile,you can specify thecriteria that preventpeople from contacting youwho do not match your preferredpartner profile. This way,you won't be disturbedby people you think mightnot be interested.Filter settingsare available after entering thedesired partner profile. So when you register on,you are registering onthe most confidential Indian weddingsite. So sign upwith confidence.

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