Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert is dedicated to providing a  secure platform to search and find partners. We help  users to find the best match, but it's in their best interest to use common sense to gauge the other person's sincerity and interest in marriage.

Despite all we do to secure the platform,we recommend some precautions when using our website and apps:

If it appears that a user has provided false or incorrect information about education, occupation, income, family, etc., mark that profile as "Report Abuse" and do not contact this user.

If a user requests personal services such as transportation of goods, proxy deposit, or loan, immediately stop communication with the user and do the above.

Beware of fake or copied sites that look like but are owned by people with malicious intent. Many sites are similar to Royalmerry. com, but are not affiliated with in any way. Check the URL of the site you are visiting (should be

Representatives of these fake sites may contact you to collect membership fees or register a profile. If this happens to you, pay attention and notify your support team.

Be cautious of anyone who claims to be calling from the royalmerry team and requesting a user ID and password to log into their account. Please note that royalmerry does not request information about your user password, either by phone or directly.

Never provide financial information such as bank account numbers, online banking credentials, or credit card details. Also, beware of those who demand money.

Make good decisions and don't make rash decisions..

Meet potential partners you find on the platform in a safe place and let your family and friends know about the meeting.

Before committing, do a thorough background check on that person. is only a preliminary means of communication and information exchange. Users are strongly encouraged to conduct an independent/due diligence review before making a decision based on the content of their profile. You are responsible for verifying the authenticity of the information displayed on your profile.

If you are in any of the above situations or have a possible fake profile, please contact us immediately at 1800 1841 100 (toll-free)or by emailing

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