Saurabh Yadav

34 Year/ 5' 8" (1.73 mts) ,Male ,Unmarried ,Hindu


I am open to marry people of all castes

Ajeet Yadav

31 Year/ 6' 0" (1.83 mts) ,Male ,Ahir ,Unmarried ,Hindu

Software Engineer with great experience in enterprenburshgip and thinker .. Ssgvkfdsgasdkksadxc,jdfahvadlfsvhadf,

Test Boy

24 Year/ 5' 5" (1.65 mts) ,Male ,Brahmin ,Unmarried ,Hindu

Designing and developing test automation scripts. Using test automation guidelines. Researching issues in software through testing. Collaborating with QA Analysts and Software Developers to develop solutions.,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Test Boy 1

20 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Male ,Arora ,Unmarried ,Hindu



27 Year/ 5' 10" (1.78 mts) ,Male ,Arora ,Unmarried ,Hindu




Alexa Choudhary

31 Year/ 4' 10" (1.47 mts) ,Female ,Ahir ,Unmarried ,Hindu

girl profile for testing,

Test Rama

21 Year/ 5' 4" (1.63 mts) ,Female ,Ahir ,Unmarried ,Hindu


I am open to marry people of all castes

Rahul sharma

28 Year/ 6' 0" (1.83 mts) ,Male ,Brahmin ,Unmarried ,Hindu

I am a simple boy who loved to take risks,

shalini bajpai

42 Year/ 5' 5" (1.65 mts) ,Female ,Brahmin kanyakubj ,Widowed ,Hindu

hame ache parson ki talash hai jo hame samjh sake.....,

Akash Sharma

25 Year/ 5' 2" (1.58 mts) ,Male ,Brahmin bhargava ,Unmarried ,Hindu


Anushka Sharma

32 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Female ,Aggarwal ,Unmarried ,Hindu

Acress dance and sportspeeson,


40 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Male ,Adi andhra ,Divorced ,Hindu

Hyy hajgb bhb,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Gagan Arora

I’m orthopedist handicap in left side arm lost due in road accident,

Sunit Kumar Srivastav

41 Year/ 5' 11" (1.80 mts) ,Male ,Bajantri ,Unmarried ,Hindu


I am open to marry people of all castes

Manohar Singh

37 Year/ 5' 8" (1.73 mts) ,Male ,Brahmin ,Unmarried ,Hindu

I self manohar Singh, I need a believable and honest partner,

I am open to marry people of all castes

geeta pandey

36 Year/ 5' 5" (1.65 mts) ,Female ,Brahmin ,Widowed ,Hindu

hii i am geeta pandey i m from madhya pradesh ,,,

Deepak bari

40 Year/ 5' 8" (1.73 mts) ,Male ,Bari ,Unmarried ,Hindu

Tell u letar,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Avdhesh Kumar

24 Year/ 4`2 (128 mts) ,Male ,Ad dharmi ,Unmarried ,Hindu


Vicky Yadav

42 Year/ 5' 7" (1.70 mts) ,Male ,Ahir ,Widowed ,Hindu

Cool mind person,

Dinesh Kumar

42 Year/ 5' 6" (1.68 mts) ,Male ,Aggarwal ,Widowed ,Hindu

His profile is managed by Self I m imotional Peron belie in feeling and care who believe same contact me else good bye l m educated person and working as assistant professor as my education Msc math Msc computer science Mtech computer science and engineering phd computer science and engineering persuing in scheduling in cloud computing going to complete i m imotiomal person searching a partner for peace and cool life i m pure veg working in well known private university from 21 jan 2008 belive in any relationship is based on 4 pillor feeling trust care and respect each other,

Tanya singh

26 Year/ 4`2 (128 mts) ,Female ,Ad dharmi ,Unmarried ,Hindu

Welcome to Royal Matrimony. Thank you for trusting and becoming a part of Royal Matrimony ( Royal Matrimony is India's finest and biggest online Matrimonial platform for lawful marriages. When any search for all type of Rishtey starts it surely ends at Royal Matrimonial. We are committed for the personal data and information of our user's security and privacy. Royal Matrimony have created this Privacy Policy in order to express our commitment to help our users better understand what information we collect about them, what we tell the world and what may happen to that information. Since we are highly committed to your Right to privacy, it helps to demonstrate our information and data protection practices.,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Hardeep Sharma

40 Year/ 5' 7" (1.70 mts) ,Male ,Brahmin ,Widowed ,Hindu

I am working in private company. I am living in Noida. I have 2 Brother and 2 sisters all are married. I bilong from Aligarh and now living in Noida.I am pure veg and like travelling. I like a soft nature loving partner who alwase with me in all situtations. If want working no issue both option are open for job and own business and need a partner who have a good quality to make happy life.,


30 Year/ 5' 7" (1.70 mts) ,Male ,Brahmin ,Unmarried ,Hindu

"Day Dreamer And Night Thinker ",

rahul kumar

32 Year/ 5' 2" (1.58 mts) ,Male ,Ahom ,Unmarried ,Hindu

hyy i matg lgd b u,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Gita Diwakar

46 Year/ 5' 2" (1.58 mts) ,Female ,Dhobi ,Widowed ,Hindu

i am simple and honest and looking for similar match. i am primary teacher in basic education department of uttar pradesh. my family consists my father, mother, brother and two sisters. all my siblings are married and settled in their lives. i was married at young age and after 3 years of marriage, my husband, who was in para - military services died in a operation in j& k. its around 20 years since then. i was not very keen for re-marriage but recently i, on persuasion by family member, have decided to give the life another chance.,

I am open to marry people of all castes

seema panchal

41 Year/ 5' 4" (1.63 mts) ,Female ,Vishwakarma ,Divorced ,Hindu

She has completed her Masters.By nature my sister is an understanding, responsible and proactive girl who is well nurtured with good moral values.I envision my sister's life-partner to be good in nature with modest upbringing and importantly one who believes in the institution of marriage.,


50 Year/ 5' 4" (1.63 mts) ,Female ,Brahmin ,Widowed ,Hindu

i am veenita,

Ravinder Kohli

56 Year/ 5' 5" (1.65 mts) ,Female ,Arora ,Widowed ,Hindu

i'm very simple type of a lady...need a settled nd a simple guy who can live with me comfortably nd happily. About her Family,

Rakhi Bimlay

42 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Female ,Jatav ,Divorced ,Hindu

My daughter is doing teaching job as a TGT Guest Teacher. She has applied for PGT. We belong to a middle class family. I am looking a person he would be an honest man, hard worker, professional, trust worthy. My daughter like to listen dharmik songs, music, teaching small children.We would prefer bride should be Govt .servant.Partner must belong to Delhi local only,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Anshu Chauhan

41 Year/ 5' 2" (1.58 mts) ,Female ,Kshatriya ,Divorced ,Hindu

i am anshu,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Sakshi Sharma

42 Year/ 5' 4" (1.63 mts) ,Female ,Brahmin ,Divorced ,Hindu

i am sakshi sharma,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Gita Diwakar

46 Year/ 5' 2" (1.58 mts) ,Female ,Dhobi ,Widowed ,Hindu

i am geeta,

Ranjana Takkar

52 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Female ,Arora ,Unmarried ,Hindu

i am ranjana,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Sindhu Rathour

41 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Female ,Rajput ,Divorced ,Hindu

i am sindhu,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Pooja Dhawan

41 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Female ,Khatri ,Divorced ,Hindu

She is a simple, adjusting ,fun loving person, sincere and modest .She loves cooking food, traveling, hearing music . She has been staying in Mumbai since child hood .Looking for a partner who is understanding, caring and has respect for family values. Someone who can be a great friend ,easy going, loves to laugh and enjoy life .She had a brief marriage. Divorced with mutual consent. Reason of divorce can be shared once we meet. She does not have child.She will prefer the groom with his child.Nuclear Family. Father Retired Professional from Pharmaceutical Industry. Mother a House Wife. 1 Sister Married,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Shweta Chopra

42 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Female ,Khatri ,Divorced ,Hindu

Educated, smart, modern, homely, mature enough to start my new life.. love watching movies, travelling , exploring new places and spirituality. God has a special place in my heart. Respects elders and value family. I am looking for a genuine honest educated partner to spend and share and enjoy all moments in the journey of life with a smile on face.,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Pushpa Gadage

25 Year/ 4' 4" (1.34 mts) ,Female ,Dhangar ,Unmarried ,Hindu

Decent personality,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Pushpa Gadage

27 Year/ 4' 3" (1.31 mts) ,Female ,Dhangar ,Unmarried ,Hindu

Decent person,


47 Year/ 5' 0" (1.52 mts) ,Female ,Saini ,Unmarried ,Hindu

my self,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Pradeep Kumar Agrawal

45 Year/ 5' 10" (1.78 mts) ,Male ,Aggarwal ,Widowed ,Hindu

I am single father of two sons from Ramgarh Cantt, Jharkhand, living in a middle class joint family.,

Ruchi Mishra

45 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Female ,Brahmin ,Divorced ,Hindu

She is a warm, organized, loyal, decent, amiable, stable & compassionate with a pleasing personality. She is Diabetic.Belonging to a closely knit family he give due importance to parents. he is a socially poised, people oriented person who can be a dependable and caring partner,

I am open to marry people of all castes


41 Year/ 5' 5" (1.65 mts) ,Female ,Brahmin ,Divorced ,Hindu

i am neha,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Vijay kumar

37 Year/ 5' 7" (1.70 mts) ,Male ,Tantuway ,Awaiting Divorced ,Hindu

I have experience in marketing sector,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Sharmishtha Srivastava

41 Year/ 5' 1" (1.55 mts) ,Female ,Kayastha ,Divorced ,Hindu

My daughter Sharmishtha is a simple, honest and positive person who exhibits sensitivity and responsibility in her behaviour. Hardworking by nature, she fulfils all her duties efficiently and likes to lead a well balanced life. Cooking, making short documentaries, painting, interior decoration, listening to music, watching movies and dancing are some of her varied interests. She likes to stay fit by following a nutritious diet. She has done her M. Sc in Food Technology from Allahabad University. After this, she completed her MBA (HR) and B. Ed degrees from IGNOU. Presently she is at home. She is divorced (details will be shared as things proceed) and has an adorable son who is 6 years old. We are a close-knit and traditional Kayastha family from Rae Bareli. I am employed as an Inspector with the Income Tax Dept. and my wife is a homemaker. My son, who is married, is working as a Project Manager and my daughter-in-law is a housewife; they have a kid. We are seeking a well settled and caring gentleman with a good demeanour whom she can share her life with and who can appreciate the wonderful person that she is. She is anshik manglik and we would like to match horoscopes before taking things further. If you are curious to know more about Sharmishtha, feel free to drop a message.,

Madhuri Kaithal

42 Year/ 5' 7" (1.70 mts) ,Female ,Brahmin ,Divorced ,Hindu


I am open to marry people of all castes


42 Year/ 5' 7" (1.70 mts) ,Male ,Aggarwal ,Unmarried ,Hindu

I like Happy life,

avdhesh kumar

32 Year/ 5' 4" (1.63 mts) ,Male ,Teli ,Unmarried ,Hindu


Garima Singh

44 Year/ 5' 1" (1.55 mts) ,Female ,Rajput ,Divorced ,Hindu

She has a senior position in a reputed organization and MBA from TISS, Mumbai. We are close knitted family. Father was Professor. Mother is retired Lecturer. Brother is MBA from Duke University and Sister is MS from Florida University, both are married and settled in USA.,

Janki Rai

42 Year/ 5' 0" (1.52 mts) ,Female ,Rajput ,Divorced ,Hindu

Hi my sister name Janki she is searching seriously life partner no time pass . If u are also searching seriously patener pls leave the msg my sister is very simple and down to earth ..........,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Nidhi Aggarwal

41 Year/ 4' 11" (1.50 mts) ,Female ,Aggarwal ,Awaiting Divorced ,Hindu

Hi, am putting up this profile on behalf of my sister. She has done Masters. She believes in endeavoring in optimal blend of modern & traditional values, and diligent balancing of professional & family life. Ours is an upper middle class family with moderate values. Her mother is a homemaker. She has 1 brother (unmarried) and 1 sister (married). Her father is no more with us.,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Anushina Rajesh

44 Year/ 5' 2" (1.58 mts) ,Female ,Kayastha ,Divorced ,Hindu

I am writing this profile on behalf of my daughter. Anushina has successfully completed her Masters in Advertising from National Institute of Advertising and working as an Advertising Professional at Delhi. I would describe my daughter as an affectionate, articulate, caring and creative person who has a positive approach towards life. During leisure, she enjoys cooking, reading, movies/theatre and travelling. Ours is an upper middle class family originally from Patna, Bihar. I am retired as a Wing Commander from Indian Air Force and my wife is retired as a Senior Teacher from Kendriya Vidhyalaya. We are seeking a well qualified, affectionate, caring and understanding partner from a cultured family,and willing to accept the child. If you are eager to know more about Anushina, feel free to drop a message.,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Renu Gupta

55 Year/ 5' 1" (1.55 mts) ,Female ,Gupta ,Unmarried ,Hindu

I feel surreal to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you. I scored 65% in Ahmedabad High School,


56 Year/ 5' 5" (1.65 mts) ,Female ,Khatri ,Widowed ,Hindu

II am a professional, reasonably good looking, independent , broad minded at the same time a conservative woman. After the sudden demise demise of my husband , i feel an emotional need to settle down again in life .I am a good cook and my hobbies are to listen to music, gardening, travelling. etc. I am a god fearing person but not superstitious. I am looking forward to a loving, understanding and a compatible partner who will be there with me through thick and thin.,

I am open to marry people of all castes


50 Year/ 4' 5" (1.35 mts) ,Female ,Brahmin Vaishnav ,Divorced ,Hindu

I am looking for one person who can be a dependable and caring partner preferably belong to my son nd daughter.,

Sumita Sarkar

55 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Female ,Kayastha ,Divorced ,Hindu

Her profile is managed by Self Thanks for visiting my profile . I am looking for someone with whom I can spend my life and can share my belief, my thoughts and my feelings... About her Family My mother is getting pension as my father was in Defence ( civilian ).My both brothers are married and settled in kolkata,

. Pushpa Kadangott

64 Year/ 5' 5" (1.65 mts) ,Female ,Nair ,Widowed ,Hindu

I am a good house maker,loving,kind and daughters are married and settled in Dubai,my husband passed away,he was materials manager in an electronic company,my father was a n estate owner both parents are not alive,,

. Ragini Kumari

37 Year/ 5' 2" (1.58 mts) ,Female ,Chettiar ,Divorced ,Hindu

I am a sociable and Happy go lucky person with a cheerful attitude. I like meeting new people and understanding different cultures while traveling to new places. I have a bachelors degree in B.Arch . I come from an upper-middle class family based out of ok,

Sonali Mukherjee

51 Year/ 5' 1" (1.55 mts) ,Female ,Brahmin audichya ,Widowed ,Hindu

I am an easy-going girl who looks at the lighter side of things. I am compassionate, fun loving and like doing everything with an unparalleled zeal. I try to be open about everything, without hurting anyone else's sentiments. I am a self confessed foodie.I like's eating out and just hanging out with my friends any time .,


51 Year/ 5' 4" (1.63 mts) ,Female ,Rajput ,Widowed ,Hindu

Hi! Allow me a self-introduction. I have completed my Honours degree. I can be described as a hardworking person who focuses on growth, knowledge, and experience. I am an independent and sensible person who is willing to learn and always looking for new ways to grow. By nature, I am someone who is a respectful, warm-hearted and caring human being. I am an enthusiastic, positive, and independent young woman with a strong value system. During leisure, I like listening to music and watching movies across various genres. I belong to a close-knit family where love, care and affection are the most prominent values. My father retired from his services and my mother is a homemaker. They are based in Patna. My elder brother is happily married and settled in Patna. My younger sister is happily married and settled in Pune. My daughter resides with me in Noida while my son is in Canada. Thank you for your valuable time. If you wish to take things ahead, please feel free to connect with me.,

Avani Bhandari

59 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Female ,Kshatriya ,Widowed ,Hindu

I am housewife and having small business . I am fun loving and caring person. graduate from gujarat university. looking for caring person well established.,

Jay Kumar

51 Year/ 5' 2" (1.58 mts) ,Male ,Rajput ,Unmarried ,Hindu

hyy ht iy8 iy9h ikyhgb yub.,

Pankaj Kumar bhutra

38 Year/ 5' 5" (1.65 mts) ,Male ,Maheshwari ,Widowed ,Hindu

Mujhy ek sachy jiwan sathi ki talash h....................,

I am open to marry people of all castes

Ashish Kumar choubey

About merry I can say those girl who are taking care of his family I want to merry,

Ashish Kumar chaubey

34 Year/ 5' 5" (1.65 mts) ,Male ,Brahmin ,Widowed ,Hindu


I am open to marry people of all castes

Mr.Pramod Singh

52 Year/ 5' 5" (1.65 mts) ,Male ,Rajput ,Unmarried ,Hindu

"A man should be Economical And Powerfull, otherwise no charming in your life and fallen down towards the depression of life.",

I am open to marry people of all castes

Manoj kumar

41 Year/ 5' 8" (1.73 mts) ,Male ,Meena ,Unmarried ,Hindu


I am open to marry people of all castes

Abbey Wendt

27 Year/ 5' 0" (1.52 mts) ,Male ,Adi andhra ,Awaiting Divorced ,Hindu


I am open to marry people of all castes


Mujhy ek sachy or achy jiwan sathi ki talash h............,

jay kumar

55 Year/ 5' 4" (1.63 mts) ,Male ,Rajput ,Unmarried ,Hindu

hyyb my slef jay ku atra khxm ,,

I am open to marry people of all castes

manisha rajput

32 Year/ 5' 4" (1.63 mts) ,Female ,Lodhi Rajput ,Widowed ,Hindu

mai ak simpal parsaon hu,


38 Year/ 5' 3" (1.60 mts) ,Female ,Kurmi ,Unmarried ,Hindu

I am a social person and social service is my priority as a human being, I am a businessman as well as a journalist, but I live life by understanding the circumstances of life, I always try to move forward and have aspirations and all these too I believe that my life partner should be such who is my friend first and supports me in every situation, should be intelligent, beautiful and educated. I will also support my partner in every situation because it will be my responsibility and my religion. There are only 3 people my mother father and me sister got married so she lives in Delhi).,

Virat singh

24 Year/ 5' 8" (1.73 mts) ,Male ,Rajput ,Unmarried ,Hindu

My name is virat singh my age 24year and my from akaltra districte Janjgir champa my work from bilaspur cg.,

Sagar Dhiman

33 Year/ 5' 10" (1.78 mts) ,Male ,Brahmin dhiman ,Divorced ,Hindu

"Hi, I am a kind-hearted and family-oriented person with a passion for reading and traveling. I believe in mutual respect and open communication in a marriage. I am looking for an honest, caring partner with similar values. I value family traditions and am excited to start my family with someone special,

I am open to marry people of all castes

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